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Explorer Live

On your home screen, browse interesting Flickr photos taken near your location and:

  • Single tap a photo to enlarge and set as Android style scrollable wallpaper.
  • Single tap again to go back to the gallery (multiple photos) view.
  • Double tap on an enlarged photo (currently set as wallpaper) to hide/show the navigation menu.
  • Single tap on the Map button on the navigation menu to jump to the location where the photo, currently set as wallpaper, was taken.
  • Single tap on the Flickr button to jump to the Flickr url of the page and read the story behind the photo currently set as wallpaper.
  • Double tap in gallery view to change currently showing photos.

In addition to the beautiful looks, all photo transitions happen in heart-warmingly smooth animations.

So start exploring new places in your neighborhood or your vacation spot and experience the thrill of an explorer!. Happy exploring.

You can download Explorer Live from the android market. It's priced very generously at $1.50. If for some reason you are not satisfied (we can bet a grand this won't be the case ) you can always claim refunds within the first 15 minutes from the time of download, and even after that on a case by case basis by logging a request in the forum and explaining your case.

Tip:If you are low on battery, or you don't need the frequent location updates you can always turn the GPS off by unchecking Settings->Location and security settings->Use GPS satellites to conserve the battery.

Please report feedback and any bugs in the forum. Thanks.

Samsung Galaxy S screenshots:

Gallery view

Another gallery view

Photo set as wallpaper and menu visible (Note the Map and Flickr buttons)

Another beautiful wallpaper (Menu hides itself after sometime. You can double tap to manually show/hide it.)

Another wallpaper with the menu

Motorola Droid screenshots:

Gallery view

Wallpaper view

Another wallpaper view

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